Famous mystery places science can’t explain

No matter how much science develops and discovers there will always be some unanswered questions and mysteries. But this is the main engine that keeps humanity and science going forward. Here are some geographic points of our planet that still keep our science wondering what is the right explanation about their mystic characters.

Stonehenge, UK

One of the most famous places almost everybody heard about. This iconic rock circle in England is made from Welsh sandstone which is scientifically proved and determined, but the main question is how did all these enormous rock figures got to this position and why. They are exactly positioned in a way of showing winter and summer solsticies which were for that primitive time above every astronomical and engineering achievement. Science still can’t determine what would be an exact answer about this amazing formation.

Easter Island, Chile

This is also one of the famous mystery rocks for the whole humanity. Nobody actually knows how, why and who built this disproportionately large head statues. The only way you can go there is by the plane. These heads are attached to stone bodies buried beneath the soil with hieroglyphic writing on them. There are numerous hypotheses about this mystery statues but no straight answer.

Pyramids of Egypt

Egyptologists achieved some understandings and logical answers why these tombs were actually built but the main question is how? Huge granite and limestone blocks weighing about 2.5 tons each were carried out even for 600 miles. There is about 2.5 million of these blocks and there is no archeological evidence still found that would explain cutting through these rocks. More scary detail is they are perfectly aligned by the stars and not to mention all those unanswered people disappearing, deaths, and curses while disturbing this sacred place.

Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania

saharaMost beautiful circles an human eye could ever experience and yet also so scary and mysterious. There are numerous speculations about this mystery resource, such as a volcanic scar, geological erosion or asteroid force. But today’s science has theories about the more complicated story than just being some amazing natural formation. While there are usual guessings of UFO landing port shape some people believe it is actually the remain of the city of Atlantis.

Sun Gate, Bolivia

This is one of the most impressive features in the ancient city of Tiahuanaco from where it  is believed all human creation began. It is amazing how did this people manage to move rocks and buildings weighing for around 200 ton. More interesting details are the intricate carvings which seem to suggest a sort of calendar. There are even some suggestions this is some kind of portal to different dimension regarding being decorated by humanoid figures with tails, wings and helmets provoking some extraterrestrial explanations.

There are a lot of other mysteries and questions just waiting to be solved and answered. The search has only just begun and it is far, far from over. There is still a long way to go.