Is There Science in Gardening?

When you are to define gardening, one point of view would be that it is a therapeutic and relaxing pastime where you can be able to take pleasure with nature. Another stand would be that it is a dirty activity to waste time in. Well, whether you like it or not, the act in itself is very good and should even be done, especially if you are concerned with your health and well-being.

At any rate, beyond gardening as an art, is there science in it?

Well, the answer is no doubt a yes.

Of course, as you interact with your garden, you will be faced with different natural elements. First and foremost would be the so-called “dirt.” You all know this dirt is what we should label as soil. The soil is a primary component that will help grow the plants and flowers you will wish to establish in your very yard. But beyond that and going deeper, you must recognise that the soil is with nutrients and minerals that can be beneficial for you and the flora that you will plant. When it is in a poor state, it will directly affect the growth of your plant life too.

And as you garden, it is important that you know your soil type. Is it useful and applicable to be embedded with plants and flowers or not? There are three basic kinds: sand, silt and clay. A mixture of the three, with the correct percentage, will earn you an ideal garden soil to use.

When you plant, whether in pots or directly in the ground, there are many varieties you can choose from. You can go for just greenery or herbs. Flowers are another alternative as well as they bring colour and fragrance to your residential space, for example. A more urged step is to grow fruits and vegetables, which will make access to healthy foods just right out of your own yard.

Not only that, you will have to research and study if a particular plant you wish to have is suitable for the climate in your town or country. When it is too cold out there, there are several crops you can’t just develop. This is the same when the temperature is too hot as well.

These facts can really attest that there is science very much involved as you do some gardening. This physical and natural process can help you delve into more knowledge as you observe and practice it. And what is important is it benefits anyone who does it, especially when it comes to the condition of both body and mind.

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