Voxco and MAXQDA software for Data Collection

As having huge data collection needs in our work this software has presented the best option while reaching our goals. Voxco Survey Software is one of the best tools while providing best data hosting options, helping with survey scripting and covering all survey channels.

Social and public opinion

This is also called as a collective view of a defined population. This defined population for us means a wide range of humanity which wants to be a part of science and contribute it somehow. This is where Voxco makes its main role by providing us a common platform with great efficiency through centralized questionnaire authoring. It makes much easier handling data and analyzing the integration of all collected facts.

Human resources

Engaging and aligning employees is one of the important chain parts in any business and also in science. This is what actually drives every business and so we wanted to be a part of this analysis for science which we made successfully with the help of the Voxco which enabled us with the just right program to do these projects. With using just right interactive dashboards and tools we made it not just to distribute key insights but also to make better analyzing each stage of our employee research project. The database is so efficient that provides all the needed details about employee satisfaction.

Qualitative social research is based on outnumbering methods. One of the most common and important are organizing, systematizing and analyzing qualitative data. QDA software is used how in educational science also in many other academic fields such as psychology, medicine and political science.

Qualitative data analysis

circlesResearchers can draw some important and relevant conclusions about the object of the research when provided with some qualitative data sets. This is where a good software helps while structuring, sorting and analyzing a large amount of information. And not only that, but it will also help while managing this integrated information to significant evaluations. MAXQDA is a software which is able to provide the best quality of analysis while defining variables, using the hierarchical coding system and sorting groups. Access of the final results is so easy while having outnumbering options of visual tools to present it all.

One of the important studies which make a great deal while collecting and analyzing data is statistics. It is used by researchers in many fields for summarizing and organizing data. Statistics gives us a significant touch when it comes to connecting research findings, supporting the hypothesis and giving credibility to research final results.

IBM Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software

Has proven to be one of the most useful platforms with advanced statistical analysis. Quality text analysis, data integration and flexibility make it easy to use for people of all skill levels. Various projects of different sizes may use it in order to improve research results and manage risk.

All these software assistants helped a lot while making some important decisions and conclusions in science which had a great impact on how on us also on other scientists and public audience.