CIS Chemical Inventory System

Free White papers on Chemical inventory Implimentation
1) Best Practices for Managing Laboratory Chemical Inventory. The paper examines the reasons why systems fail and why they succeed, as well as the true costs associated with chemical inventory management and cost savings that result when such a system is optimized for maximum effectiveness.
2) Managing Chemical Inventory Information in a Regulated Environment. The paper discusses the components of a Chemical Inventory System, how such a solution integrates into an existing IT infrastructure, how pilot plants can leverage these systems to maximize their processes, and the importance of ensuring that such a solution has the attributes for accurate validation.
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CIS Chemical Inventory System® is available in desktop (network ready), enterprise and global versions
The CIS Chemical Inventory System® CISPro is a chemical management and tracking database software system designed for chemical and biochemical laboratory supply management, reporting compliance, usage and tracking of chemical waste disposals.
CISPro was developed specifically for the management and tracking of laboratory chemicals in regulated environments. Our high-performance, relational database program tracks and maintains accurate, real-time chemical inventory information, yet it is easy to implement and use.
CISPro was developed by chemists, for chemists, and it’s already at work in thousands of laboratory environments worldwide. CISPro can help you reduce procurement costs, meet regulatory reporting requirements, eliminate unnecessary purchases and minimize disposal costs by maximizing the use of available chemical supplies.
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